The Art of War plus The Art of Politics: Strategy for Campaigns

By Shawn R. Frost and Gary Gagliardi

How did a book written by a Chinese General over 2,500 years ago shape politics in Florida in 2014- 2021?


This book contains the wisdom of the greatest Strategy Consultant to ever live, Sun Tzu (on the left side pages) with the cleanest translation by Gary Gagliardi from the original Chinese and the interpretation for practical application in the political realm by consultant "Strategy Shawn" Frost on the right side pages. Shawn has been called the "modern Sun Tzu" by clients and opponents alike. Shawn makes it clear that he might be America's foremost living practitioner of Sun Tzu's Art of War Strategy, but he is not an academic. He follows in the footsteps of Lee Atwater and Ronald Reagan who used this strategy manual to win landslides and bring the Soviet Union crashing down. 

This book applies to election campaigns, but is also helpful for developing the warrior mindset to advance policy positions. 

Elections  this exact book has influenced to create a winning track record:

  • (2014) Shawn Frost's School Board campaign (he co-authored this book to prepare for the transition from business strategy consulting to political campaigns). The result was a "Shocking" victory by almost 10 points against an opponent named Disney, who was the President of the State School Board Association, and a two-term incumbent. 
  • (2016) Two School Board Seats in Brevard County, delivering a conservative majority using two PC's "Better Schools and Jobs" and "War on Common Core United". 
  • (2018) A political committee mobilizing African-American and Latina "School Choice Moms" to activate over 100,000 voters for Governor Ron DeSantis' victory of ~36,000 votes. Written about in the Wall Street Journal Link. Plus 12 State House seats and 4 State Senate Seats.
  • (2020) Byron Donalds for Congress in a 9-way Republican primary becoming Florida's 3rd Black Republican Congressman (winning by 24 points in the General Election).This WILD ELECTION was written about in Florida Politics here:

Florida Politics said "Frost ran such an impeccable campaign that you would never know it was his first Congressional"


Shawn will tell you that it was ALL IN THE BOOK. 

More than Elections:

The principles have also been used to advance policy positions:

  • Getting the State School Board Association to #DropTheSuit against the Tax Credit Scholarship
  • Creating a Conservative School Board Member Group that saw legislative successes year-after-year, including passing a law that made Membership in School Board Associations an individual decision, which eroded the $1.2M in revenue going to the previous monopoly.
  • Getting Term Limits for School Board Members, Enhanced School Choice, and Civics Literacy Instruction through the Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) and into a Constitutional Amendment ( which was unfortunately struck down by activist judges on a technicality but we used the Science of Strategy to move the policy throught the process.
  • Starting a Virtual School in 90 days by creating a win-win with a rural district (previous efforts failed after two-years but we got it done in 90 days once working with MVP strategy and the Art of War principles)
  • Spending 4 years with our friends at passing the Parents' Bill of Rights to enshrine in law the separation of child and state. 

"Strategy is the plan and adaptations necessary to take you to a desired future state. Study and practice the Science of Strategy until winning becomes instinctive." ~ "Strategy Shawn" Frost


This book will teach you to think like Sun Tzu, and make better decisions. It's not as much about how to draft a message or what your campaign colors should be, but this book makes it clear how an ancient general (and a modern winning political consultant) will look at a situation and put it through the Art of War frameworks to make the right decision in dynamic (chaotic) environments. 

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(please, for the love of all things Holy, don't buy the kindle or e-book version. The formatting is dreadful)




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